I am Inger Kristensen and use a lot of my spare time doing tatting and other needleworks. I mainly use my own patterns.


I would like to show you some of my tatting works and what else I do of needleworks. I designed allmost all the works on this website. The ones I did not design all by myself were inspired form old patterns.

Make your choice in the menu to see my works. If you would like to try tatting for yourself, you are welcome to use the patterns, you find on my website. As long as it is for your private purposes, you can have it for free. If you want to use my patterns for commercial purposes, you will have to contact me by email Opens window for sending emailinger(at)orkis.dk


I do some knitting too. I like to design my own patterns and do some knitting works, that are real nice to wear. See 'Knitting'.


You are welcome to contact me to get more information on the tatting works, you find on my little website. Feel free to contact me by email: Opens window for sending emailinger(at)orkis.dk